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Halal food stall runs out of sambal, so this woman decided to ‘borrow’ non-halal stall



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Do you know what Halal Food means?
Had a rude awakening this morning around 11.15am at Nasi Padang Stall in Seletar Mall Food Court.
This Miss Foreign Talent Food Server apparently wanted to get me sambal for my Lontong from a
Non-Halal stall as apparently their stall running out of sambal. According to her it’s just sambal no need halal. What!? !!!????!!!!

Hello! Excuse me, Miss!
You are serving me Halal food and you better make sure your sambal also come from Halal kitchen! Not any non Halal stall! Get it!!

I refused the food, and ask for my money back, which I got it back eventually!

I straight to the Food Manager to complain and got him to teach that Miss Foreign Talent Server how sensitive it is in handling Halal Food.

It seems that our Foreign Talents here in Sg need to be taught some lessons about what Halal Food means!

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