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Guess what this irresponsible hit & run culprit left behind at the scene!



Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.36.57 am

Was driving along SLE and was lane changing from lane 2 to lane 3 to exit woodlands ave 2 when i saw what look like a log in front of me, was thinking wether to avoid it or to go over it when only very close did i realise it was a body lying in the middle of the road. Lucky i had enough time to avoid the rider and stop. Rider bike was on lane 2, rider box was on lane 1, rider helmet no where to be seen and rider was bleeding badly on the head and knocked out.

Immediately stop and with god’s grace managed to find the vehicle which collided into the bike number plate in the middle of lane 2.

Have called the ambulance and ambulance arrived in 10 minutes.
Hope rider will be fine.

Bike Plate : FBF5009M
Vehicle which run : SJN7003D

Those who knows rider, he will be at KTPH. Click to view

accident 1

Source: Muhd Farhan



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