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Group of mothers demand for their deposit to be refunded after CEO of childcare centre was jailed



We are a group of mothers who needs to get back our deposits back from the childcare our kids is in!

CEO was jailed, husband who is NOT a part of the management neither a shareholder met up with parents and asked the parents to find a childcare ASAP because the centre will cease operations in 2 weeks time! And no answer was given when we questioned when our deposits will be refunded!

For another branch, before the CEO was jailed, she met them up and promised to refund their deposits back by the end of August when the childcare closes. Even asked for the parents bank account numbers and said will transfer to them via iBanking. When the parents ask at the end of Aug, they said will issue cheque within a week. One week later, parents called the CEO but she rejected their calls. Then few days later, came the news of CEO being jailed.

According to the handbook, should the centre relocates or cease operations, parents will be informed AT LEAST 6 months in advance. But all we got was TWO WEEKS!

Few months back when first news came out regarding the CEO, she still issued a letter assuring parents. So is the situation now like what she assured?!

Helpless parents approached ECDA for help regarding the deposits. However, they are unable to assist as it is not within their control. The deposits for each parent are ranging from $800 to more than $2k for those with more than 1 child in the childcare! It may not be a big sum to some people, but it is definitely a big sum to us! How much diapers and milk powder can all these money buy!!

Some of the parents are single parents, some parents are from low income families, some parents are foreigners, some parents just started their family and coping with parenthood, some parents have just gave birth to their second child, some parents are having family issues.. losing the deposits impacts each and everyone of us strongly!

The principal at our branch is heavily pregnant now and will be due end of this year. Because the centre will be closing in 2 weeks, she personally went knocking on other childcare centres doors to ask if there is any vacancy for the children in our centre. Her maternity leave is all a question mark now. Just imagine, what will happen to her after the centre closes.

We urgently need help in this and really hope that we can get back our deposits ASAP!

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