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Government will assist Madrasah in strengthening secular subjects, PM LEE




Speaking at the National Day Rally today, Mr Lee spoke about how Madrasah play an important role in the Muslim religious community here in Singapore.

He says that the Government is committed to helping madrasahs improve further especially in providing finances to schools to improve the teaching and learning of secular subjects.

“We will leave religious education to MUIS and the community, but the Government can help in secular subjects like Mathematics and Science. It is important for our religious scholars and leaders to have a good grounding in non-religious subjects. It prepares them to guide Singapore Muslims to live in a modern, technological society,” he said.

“We will work with MUIS to strengthen the teaching of secular subjects in madrasahs. We will provide financial support to upgrade teachers of secular subjects and fund awards for students who do well in secular subjects.”

Mr Lee also said that the Malay-Muslim community is an integral part of Singapore, and it can be proud of its achievements, especially its contributions to building a more cohesive multiracial society.

“50 years on, I am touched and proud to see many Malays especially the young expressing heartfelt love for Singapore openly. They appreciate and uphold our multi-racial society.”




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