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Gas delivery man attempted to open and break into my home






This man rang our house’s door bell yesterday morning at 8:50. My Mom ignored him. He then proceeded to open the gate and attempt to open the door. When enquired to what he was trying to do, he responded saying that our maid wanted the gas number.

Note: We do not have a maid, neither do we use gas.

When my mom took out her camera to take a photo, he ran away to one of the houses, said that it was their maid who wanted the number, then ran away to the lift. When the person left, my Mom enquired that household and the number for that male’s gas company sticker was found.

I have no idea if he really is a worker of the gas company or using the company’s name as an excuse. Just sending this out so that everyone can be more aware and take precautions.

Do not open the door if you’re alone in the house. If needed, just enquire from the window or behind the door.

Source: Joyce Lee

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