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Former junior college student being constantly bullied in NS.



I’m a first year soldier currently serving in one of the SIRs (not named for obvious reasons). I completed my enhanced BMT (the one that’s reduced to 3 months long) early this year and I was posted here afterwards. Life has been v difficult as I am very unfit, as I hadn’t had much physical training for a couple of years -trying my best to salvage my A’s, which turned out badly anyway- and as a Matador gunner, carrying ~30kg of load is extremely unbearable for me. But even aside from that, the bigger issue I’ve been facing for the last six months is: the constant bullying.

You see, aside from me, there are only two other JC students (both my bunkmates) in this company. The entire battalion is a mono intake batch, and while we on our part have not distanced ourselves but instead tried to mingle with them, they don’t just outright sideline us, but pick on us often as well. When volunteers are needed, it’s almost always one of us who is ‘offered as tribute’. They also like to get physical with us, by shoving us around, poking or touching us in inappropriate areas. We continually tell them to stop, but they refuse to, and yet when we complain about it to the commanders, they just say it’s a joke, and that they’re just playing with us. And then they resume, in greater force this time.

Personally, I was assaulted in the toilet because I accidentally stepped on another guy’s bag strap. I tried to hit back, but him being way bigger than me was no help. The issue was brought up to our commanders, but they simply brushed it off, and said things like ‘learn to adapt to their culture’, ‘watch yourself more’, ‘suck it up’ etc etc. They also often just take any extra snacks we have (we have since refrained from bringing too much food into camp), claiming that they’ll return it, or that we ought to share because ‘we should bond more’, but when we ask for something, they tell us to ‘go buy yourselves la, rich JC kids’.

It’s gotten to a point where the three of us are constantly in fear of mingling with most of the people, and the thought of shooting myself in the head has crossed my mind on many occasions. I don’t know if this will get anywhere, but I really wish I could get some advice on what I or we can do about our dire situation.


Aloha Poke apologises after spider found in Aloha Poké Bowl; closes Katong Kitchen for 2 days




Popular raw fish salad bar Aloha Poke has apologised for an incident after a customer found a dead spider at the bottom of her poke bowl.

Facebook user Siew Ping shared the post on Thursday (May 10) that she ordered a Nalu Salmon poke bowl via food delivery service Deliveroo. She and her friend had been happily chowing down on their meal when they discovered the dead spider.

The post has been shared 1.3k times since she posted on Thursday night.

Siew Ping received an apology and a full refund for the meal together with a $20 store credit (which she has no plan to use it in the future).

According to Channel News Asia, co-founder John Chen said that the restaurant had reached out again to Ms Siew and her husband on Monday morning to update them on the investigations.

“We apologise unreservedly for the oversight, but we are confident that it was an isolated incident and has never happened before in any of our outlets. We will continue to improve our processes to ensure such an incident will never reoccur, and to uphold the quality standards expected of Aloha Poke,” Mr Chen said.


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SCDF NSF dies after falling into fire station pump well. 2 SCDF personnel have been arrested




A SCDF full-time National Serviceman died at Tuas View Fire Station after celebrating his Operationally-read date (ORD).

Two SCDF personnel have been arrested so far.

According to SCDF, Corporal (CPL) Kok Yuen Chin was found unconscious at the bottom of the fire station’s pump well on Sunday (May 13).

SCDF Statement:


At about 9.20pm on 13 May 2018, CPL Kok Yuen Chin, a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Full-Time National Serviceman from Tuas View Fire Station, was found unconscious at the bottom of the fire station’s pump well. The pump well is a reservoir of water used by fire station personnel for training and for testing the pumps of fire engines.

CPL Kok had been celebrating his impending ORD with his squad mates, and one of the activities involved getting him into the pump well.

CPL Kok did not resurface. A number of SCDF personnel jumped into the pump well to locate CPL Kok, but they were unsuccessful. CPL Kok was eventually pulled out from the well after the water had been drained. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation was immediately administered by a paramedic, followed by the use of an automated external defibrillator.

CPL Kok was then conveyed by ambulance to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. CPL Kok was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The Police are conducting investigations, on what had happened, including how CPL Kok fell into the pump well, and whether any person(s) are criminally responsible. Based on preliminary investigations, two SCDF regular personnel have been placed under arrest, today, 14 May 2018.

A Committee of Inquiry will also be convened to look into the case, and full details will be made public in due course.

SCDF is saddened by his death and extends our deepest condolences to his family. We are providing all necessary assistance to the family during this difficult time.

Based on preliminary investigations, it appears that the mishap arose as a result of activities which SCDF has prohibited. Severe punishments and deterrent action have been meted out in the past to personnel who engaged in unauthorised activities.

We continually educate our personnel, including during their foundation courses, briefings at recruit and specialist levels, as well as at periodic intervals, to make clear to our officers the risks of such activities and that they are prohibited.

They are also warned by their Commanders. SCDF also has a whistle-blowing programme in place to help identify irresponsible behaviour. SCDF will be conducting briefings in all its fire stations and bases, and check again whether there were any such activities in the recent past.

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33 people injured after bus collision at Bukit Batok bus stop





Credit: Line Gabas

Two buses collided at a bus stop in Bukit Batok earlier today (11 May). This happened at Old Jurong Road at around 9:30 am.


Facebook user Linie Gabas shared photos of the accident which shows a badly damaged SBS Transit bus.

According to The Straits Times. it was reported that 33 people were taken to the hospital with injuries.

The rear window of the SMRT bus was knocked off.



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