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Family work hard by selling Hari Raya cookies to support 10 children



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Just helping out a family in need.

Encik Ali (48) and Cik Tipah (43) have 10 children. They’re living in a rental flat on Circuit Rd. Cik Tipah is Malaysian and so are three of her kids. For these 3 kids, school fees, medical bills, etc are a premium – no subsidies.

Three of the kids have medical problems.Encik Ali was working as a Cleaning Supervisor with a salary of 1K plus until the company he was working for got its contract terminated recently. Now he is job-hunting.

Cik Tipah does odd-jobs here and there and takes orders for Hari Raya cookies.
They are receiving little help from charitable organisations.

They would rather work than ask for handouts but sometimes it’s just too tough to make ends meet.

You can help by ordering your Hari Raya cookies from Cik Tipah. This year she is doing popiah, makmur, sugi, daliya and biskut kacang. You can call her at 91033041. Self-collection only. and if you can please pay at least 50% deposit so she can buy the ingredients.

UPDATES: We just understand that they broke their oven. Whoever who which to donate may contact Cik Tipah directly.

Thank you

Source: Sulaiman Abdul



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