Exposed: Grab passenger who stole from the driver was tip off from netizens

According to sources, the person who stole money to pay the driver has been identified by the name of Faidil Didil. Based on the date stamp of the video, the incident that happened on 23 July at around 5:30am

In case you missed the video

Correction: Grab passenger caught on camera stealing money during ride.Read:

Posted by Thelocalsociety on Wednesday, 2 August 2017

In a whatsapp conversation between Rul and the driver, he said that thankfully, he have camera in his car to captured this footage.

The driver lost $500 cash in total and dropped the passenger off at Woodlands. The whatsapp screenshot was uploaded together with the video, a photo of the alleged thief of what was believed to be the passenger’s facebook profile.

Here’s the photo:


Faidil deactivated his facebook account and he’s on the run. Hope that the police take action against the thief.