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Expats vomited in taxi, and walked off without paying



In the wee hours of 4th February 2018, an unlucky (oops, sorry) taxi driver drove two passengers from Raffles City Shopping Centre to Lim Teck Kim Road and was met with an infuriating experience.

Fare evader!!!! 4th February 2018 2.15am fetch 2 pax from Raffles City shopping outside north bridge rd junction to…

Posted by Lance Ng on Saturday, 3 February 2018

According to the driver, Lance Ng, the two Caucasian men vomited all over in his taxi and refused to clean up the mess properly. They only managed to use wet tissue to clean the vomit but it was still unclean.

In the middle of the trip, the two Caucasian left the taxi without paying and Lance had no choice but to follow them to demand payment, which was less than $10.

When Lance approached them, he was repeatedly being pushed and fell on the ground by the two men. Lance also said that he twisted his ankle in the exchange between him and the two expats.

Through the course of the incident which was approximately 20 minutes, Lance said that he dialed 999 five times but to no avail.


These are the faces of the two Caucasian passengers:

After posting these footages onto Facebook, Lance Ng managed to get many public’s reaction saying that they empathised with him and even suggested that he keep a record of his medical bills to put them to good use should the need arises.

From the Singapore Police’s Force side, they clarified in their statement:

“On 4 February 2018 at 2.25am, a taxi driver reported to the Police that he had been assaulted by a passenger along Lim Teck Kim Road. The Police would like to clarify that the officers arrived at Lim Teck Kim Road within 13 minutes but the taxi driver was not at the location, as he had left to follow the passenger. The officers then searched for the taxi driver based on the updated locations he had subsequently provided, before eventually locating him back at Lim Teck Kim Road.

The Police are treating this as a case of Voluntarily Causing Hurt, and investigations are ongoing.”

In their statement, the police added that they will not tolerate any form of abuse against public transport providers, and will take stern action against those who disregard the law.

Anyone convicted of voluntarily causing hurt may face up to two years’ jail, a fine of up to $5,000, or both.



Man molests girl on the bus then ask for a second chance as he had another molestation case




Louisa Lee shared a post on social media claiming that she got molested on the bus by this unknown man.

This happened on Sunday (20 May) morning.

Lee shouted and alerted the bus captain and told the bus captain to call the police.

According to her, this man panicked when he realised that the bus captain refused to open the doors to let him out and he also kneeled down and even said that he had another molestation case.

This is her full post:

“Early in the morning, I got molested in the bus by this pervert. Thankfully the bus captain saw what he did also as well. No, do not keep quiet, I shouted at him and asked to report it to the police. Perverts like this should just be kept away and not even given a chance to be outside.

He was panicking and asking the driver to open the door, he kneeled down and even said he had another molestation case. So yes if you have a molestation case, don’t you dare to molest more people. Make sure you are jailed for a Long Long time with canning.

This photo was taken when I was outside the bus to stay away from him because he was getting aggressive to get close to me.

He was “scolding” me, but the other passengers was scolding him. I am so Glad that even as strangers, the bus driver, some passengers protected me and asked if I was okay.

Girls, please do not keep quiet and let this kind of perverts go scot-free”

Comments from netizens

Netizens applauded Louisa’s actions by standing up for herself but there are some who blame her for her appearance.


Source: Facebook


Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

This monkey.

Source: Facebook



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Woman cooks free food for strangers during Ramadan but no one shows up




A woman started cooking for strangers and serving it to people as they break their Ramadan fast. However, no one showed up.

Recently, a girl posted a picture on Instagram letting her followers know that her mother was cooking and giving away food to strangers for Iftar, or the breaking of fast, during Ramadan.

She added that if people had no one to break their fast with or if they were in the area, they were more then welcome to drop by and break their fast with her mother.

However, in what would seem to be a case of poor publicity, no one showed up.

Her daughter posted a follow-up picture letting people know that no one turned up and encouraged more people to support her mother and to not let her efforts go to waste.

This was picked up by friends such as @nvramalinz who reposted the picture and encouraged their followers to bring their family and friends to support her and to make sure that the food and effort did not go to waste.

If you would like to support her, head down to Jalan Kayu Block 446A during Iftar. She will be serving food every day except Saturdays and Sundays.

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Traffic Police officer was thrown off his bike in a multiple-vehicle collision at PIE




A Traffic Police (TP) officer was thrown off his bike in a multiple-vehicle collision at PIE on May 4 .

The 58 seconds video of the accident has been circulating online. At around 6 seconds into the video, you can see that there is a multiple-vehicle collision on rightmost lane of the expressway.

Traffic Police officer injured

Traffic Police officer was thrown off his bike in a multiple-vehicle collision at PIERead for free:

Posted by Thelocalsociety on Saturday, 12 May 2018

The TP officer did not manage to stop in time and was thrown off his motorcycle.

According to STOMP, the police confirmed that an accident involving a TP motorcycle and a car had occurred along the PIE towards Changi Airport on May 4.

The police officer was conscious when conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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