Escooter rider at Yishun hit pedestrian, pushed him to the side and even wanted to beat him up


A post by Christine Chen saying that she was walking with her qigong shifu when suddenly an escooter rider hit his shifu.



This is what she said in her post:

Warning: @ along walking pathway
Yishun Ave 2 toward Yishun stadium

Please be careful. A very fast e-scooter male rider hit public with his e-scooter, even immediately stopped to push victim and wanted to BEAT up victim (victim is my Qigong Shifu). E-scooter run away fast with his E-scooter
Now, 4 of us are still with police officers.

Everything happen so fast within minutes.
Please alert your family members.
Be very careful …..
Hoping for CCTV will be installed at this area.

H/T: Christine Chen