Enjoying your McDonald’s prosperity meal? Here’s how much calories you’re taking in!

Chinese New Year is coming up soon and all of us can’t wait to get our hands on to feast on the seasonal items from our ever convenient and reliant McDonald’s. Our mouths can never resist the iconic crispy twister fries and the juicy beef prosperity burger with it’s signature black pepper sauce and onions.

Though they may satisfy your tummy, you may gasp at the sight of the weighing scale right after indulging these goodness. Do you really know how much calories are you taking in from consuming these new year goodies?

Here’s a guide of how much calories are in them:

  1. Twister Fries
    twister fries


Though it may be a small 147g packed to the brim of the Chinese New Year orange fry holder, it has a massive amount of 450 calories. It also has 22g of fats when the recommended amount of fats consumed per day is 70g for an average adult running on 2500kcal a day. This is more than 30% of fat per day in just one small packet of twister fries.

  1. Beef Prosperity Burger(Single)

beef prosperity burger

A single patty of the beef prosperity burger contains 490kcal, taking up at least 1/5 of the recommended calories intake in a day. If a single patty already contains 490kcal, who knows how much calories a double prosperity burger contain?

  1. Yuzu McFizz


A classic yuzu syrup mixed with soda and topped with red and orange jellies has approximately 250kcal, that’s a lot of calories coming just from a cup of drink!

CNY set meal

When you go to McDonald’s and order a set of Chinese New Year set meal which contains the three items above, it will add up to…

A whooping amount of 1,190kcal!

Imagine half of your supposedly calorie intake is gone for the day with just one meal, it’s alarming.

Of course, we can never stay away from the irresistible twister fries and the juicy prosperity burgers at McDonald’s. We can definitely gobble down these delicious sinful food and make it up for it with a long run to sweat the calories off right after. If not, we will definitely regret when we can’t fit into our jeans after this festive season.

TLS Editor: Victoria