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E-scooter rider knocks into woman: Flees the scene



On Tuesday, 17 April, a woman was involved in a hit and run accident with an e-scooter rider. The women is now dealing with terrible injuries that are only predicted to get worst.

Photo Credit: Sharon Sim

If you can’t read the post, here it is:

(Updated with pics of her injuries. A piece of her skin and flesh came off and will have scar. Swelling expected to be worse past few days. We must catch that irresponsible rider before he does more severe damage!!)

Dear all, calling for witnesses and kind Samaritans who helped my mum during an e-scooter hit-and-run accident that just happened.

Incident details as follows. Going to make police report later.

Accident took place at: Outside Blk 538 Amk Ave 5 Lift lobby A
Date: 17 Apr 2018, Tue
Time: 5.25pm
Summary: Mum exited from lift. Turned right to walk towards pick up area. E-scooter knocked her from behind. Both mum and rider fell sprawled onto the ground. Mum cut her nose area, bruises on knee, elbow and ribs. Mum grabbed rider when he tried to run off. Five ITE students were nearby (3 boys 2 girls) then attended to her and bought plaster from downstairs shop. Rider didn’t help at all. Mum grabbed rider to prevent him from escaping but he rode away quickly. Rider seen riding towards common rubbish chute area near Blk 537 and 533 after the accident. Dad gave chase and last saw rider riding towards junction of Ave 3 where Amk Police Station was located.

Description of rider: Wearing helmet. No spectacles. Black and red t-shirt. 3/4 jeans.

The accident took place too fast and everyone was shocked that the rider ran away. Even the students. So looking for help to locate both students and the rider. We have to catch irresponsible people!

Recently, Sharon Sim, a Facebook user, put up images and details of a hit and run incident involving her mother and an e-scooter rider.

Photo Credit: Sharon Sim

Sharon’s mother had just exited the lift at her home in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 when an e-scooter rider hit her from behind.

Both of them fell to the ground with Sharon’s mother suffering cuts and bruises all over her body.

Photo Credit: Sharon Sim

The e-scooter rider then tried to run off. The victim grabbed him to stop him but was unsuccessful and he was able to ride away. The victim’s husband tried to give chase but was also unsuccessful.

Five ITE students who were nearby reportedly helped the woman who is currently suffering from serious injuries as depicted in pictures uploaded by their daughter.

Photo Credit: Sharon Sim

Sharon is currently looking for the ITE students who helped as well as the rider of the e-scooter in order to seek justice for her mother.

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