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Door to door salesman force my mum to purchase fire extinguisher and they say it’s recommended by MP of Nee Soon south!




Door to door salesman ask my mum to purchase, saying that they are recommended by MP of nee soon south to sell to us and compulsory to buy for $150, with 10 year warranty yearly inspections FOC???? is this truth ?????

Editor note: Please be careful when it comes to door to door sales person. This apparently is not truth.

Here’s the respond from Lee Bee Wah from Nee soon south

fire ex

A resident told me that a salesman knocked on the door of his mother, who is in her seventies. He told her that he was recommended byNeesoonSouth Communityclub and me to sell fire extinguishers to all households. He sold her a $150 fire extinguisher.

I and the CC have NO relation to this company. If you meet anyone using my name to sell something, pls alert me and report to the police.

Although it is recommended to have a fire extinguisher at home, it is NOT compulsory. Please think twice before buying anything. Alert your elderly neighbours who might not see this!



Source: Francis



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