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Courts pushed the blame to customer after sending product in substandard condition



Phyllicia shared her frustration on Facebook saying that she bought a product online but the delivery got cancelled and delayed.

The worst part was that when the product arrived, the box cam defaced with numerous stickers and the security seals looked dodgy.

This is what she wrote on her post:

I usually don’t do this, but can someone tell me, if this is acceptable if you were the one who bought this item?? I bought it from COURTS and it arrived like this….

-after multiple delays, it finally arrived
-Box came defaced with numerous stickers
-security seals looked dodgy
-when i peeled the security seal off, the inside looked like someone already cut it open before
-tablet inside was was not protected with transparent stickers on the screen, back or camera surface like all new devices that i have bought before

is this set even new? if this was advertised as a refurbished set, and i chose to buy it, i would gladly accept it. This was not the case. I feel scamed.

*********For those who didn’t see my previous post********

COURTS is such an established company but they cannot even get a simple delivery right.

First they tell me that my item was defective, therefore the delivery will be delayed. (How do they know it was defective? i bought a tablet. Shouldn’t it be a sealed set??) and then, they could not even give me a date as ti when my item will be available as they are “trying to get a replacement”.

So i pressed them for a date and it was 2 weeks later, not even a guaranteed delivery date. Just a “we would get back to you by then” date.

Called up the customer service hotline and spoke to a different person, and finally got them to arrange a delivery for 4 days later.

U’ve thought i would be finally getting my item but NO. They called again and said that delivery would not be possible and delayed it by 1 more day. WHYY???? Shouldn’t a customer that has her delivery delayed have absolute priority when it comes to delivery??? apparently NOT at COURTS.

So now the delivery is changed to be delivered tomorrow and i am left wondering if it will ever arrive.

I wonder if its just my bad luck but ppl, if you are contemplating on whether to buy your stuff on their website, i urge u to reconsider. This is the level of customer service they provide.



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