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Classmate’s father slapped my son until he urinated in his pants right away.




On 7th October, at 9.10am ,my husband, Rahsid ,was called up by the principal and explained that our child has been slapped by a classmate’s father. Upon our arrival to the school, The principal, claimed that Lee(the accuser) had stepped in the music room at 8.15am where he had shouted in front of the whole class ‘who bullied my daughter???’

The girl, Qistina then pointed to Azief(victim) . Lee had asked Azief to step up. Azief then came forward. Lee suddenly slapped Azief on his cheeks. Azief, 9 years old was in so much pain and shocked that he urinated in his pants right away. Blocking the classroom door, Mr Lee then threatened if anyone were to go out of the room, he/she would suffer the same fate. The teacher, then told him to leave the room. Lee left soon after .

We were then told to lodge a police report only to get a statement (VCH, a non arrest-able case) That’s right !!!! NON ARREST-ABLE !!!!!! We were then told to go to the hospital to get the medical checkup .

Question is where was the god damn teacher when this happened.why didn’t she take precautionary measure like STEPPING UP to Lee the moment she saw him coming into the class. Obviously she can tell that Lee was not in “happy mode” when he shouted ‘who bully my daughter ?’ Why didn’t she tell Azief to stay where he is like anyone would !!! Worst of all … Why was the police not called up immediately after the incident? Had the school taken this seriously,police would be called up immediately, right? And he would have been immediately arrested!And this guy will not be walking freely now.

In the newspaper the principal states that

-the teacher immediately intervened when the incident took place . Fact is that she did not!!If she had reacted IMMEDIATELY like she said she did,the slap would not even take place!
I have personally questioned the principal on why was the police not called up . They were unable to answer at all .

Dear all, how could I possibly sleep at night knowing that the fact that my 9year old son had been slapped by a stranger infront of his own classmates and nothing has been done?! Please share this everyone. I hope justice will soon be served.

Victim’s name : Muhamad Azief Rashdyn,9years old
Clementi Primary School

Accuser’s name : Lee
Accuser’s child : Qistina Lee
Principal’s name :Mr Chia
Teacher on duty : mrs Ang

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