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CGH staff unempathetic way of handling deceased patient’s family




I’m very disappointed with this service staff at A & E Changi hospital (CGH). I witnessed this idiotic girl handling one patient’s relative like dust. The patience family were grieving over the mothers death and were asking this idiot staff for permission to see their mother once. This idiotic gal just sat there and was very loud in answering them in a rude manner even though she knew the patience mum was gone. ( she mention she knew the lady has passed away)
At least she could have done is stand up, talk to them in soft a tone and show some sympathy. Tell them she will check and can ask them to have a sit. But none of these consoling words came out of a mouth or any other staff sitting there.

Does she know what is the feeling of death? Is this how CGH train their staff to handle such a situation? Where is the respect gone for someone who is crying to see their mother who has just gone? Is this what your god or teachers or parents or hospital thought you to handle such a situation? Where is your pride for job gone?

I’m very sad to say she is a local Singaporean gal in service staff uniform.

(source: Facebook)

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