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Certis Cisco officer touched colleague’s breast jailed for 30 weeks




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24-year-old Malaysian national who molested a colleague by hugging her from behind and touching her breast, kissing her lips at Changi Airport Terminal 3 while off duty was jailed for 30 weeks.

According to Yahoo News, the man told her that he would be bring her to a “beautiful place” in Basement 2 of the terminal, which has a waterfall.

On the day of the incident, he told her not to wear uniform underneath her jacket but she did not follow his instructions and instead, she zipped her jacket to hide her uniform.

He then locked his arms over her shoulders from behind and started to kissed her neck, placed his right hand under her jacket, uniform and bra to cup her left breast and nipple area.

The man begged her not to tell anyone about the incident and when the she started crying. He also said don’t make a big fuss out of this and said “it’s not as if you lost your virginity”

The incident came to light when the victim was convinced by her fiance  to report the matter to her supervisors and to the police.




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