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Cat owner allegedly abandoned two kittens in cargo carrier and left it at the rooftop of a multi storey carpark



Khadijah Mokhtar shared on social media that her neighbors found two kittens locked up in a cargo carrier at Yishun St 51 Multi-storey carpark.

This is what she said:

Attempt to kill kittens alert.

My neighbours found 2 kittens locked up in a cargo carrier yesterday morning at 504 MSCP Rooftop garden @ Yishun st 51. On top of being locked up, the cage was cable tied & covered by a construction canvas.

We bought the kittens home. Fed and cleaned them up meanwhile looking for a potential adopter from our close contacts.

PHOTO: Khadijah

After waiting for awhile, one of our relative told us that someone is keen. To make things short… she is the actual owner of these 2 kittens. She adopted them to this guy Muhammad Firdaus.

When we checked with him about the kittens condition, he still got the cheek to say that they are fine. When we asked him about the carrier, he said he was washing his car at the MSCP & forgot to take it home with him. Still got the guts to ask to return the carrier to him

I really want this guy to be caught & action taken towards him. Please help. We do not know how many other animals have been his victim.



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