Car allegedly jammed brake causing motorcyclist’s bike to flip and crash

According to ShiYang, he met an accident at Woodlands Civic Centre junction at around 2:50pm on 17 Aug. He’s appealing to the public for car camera footage or witnesses to step forward.

Here’s his story:

Hi bros, I’m involved in an accident at woodlands civic centre T junctional around 2.50pm, 17 August 2017. I would like to ask who ever was nearby that has a in car camera footage or saw what happened, to please come forward and help me out.

I was traveling behind this white Mitsubishi Lancer by the plate number of SJK9852Y. He suddenly jammed brake when it was still at green light and do a illegal U-turn, that road don’t have marking for U-turn nor turn right.

I then e-brake and my bike flipped. But he claims that I came out from the pedestrian pavement. Which by the pictures of how my bike landed that I’ve posted below, doesn’t make up to what he said at all. And before the tp came, he drove infront to make a Uturn again to be at the same lane as me.

Which the tp cannot tell if he actually does a u-turn. To the rider who helped me out, hope you’ve seen it. I don’t remember your plate but it was a super4 black and yellow/gold.note: TP and Ambulance came followed by NTUC insurance guy.

They told me that this case is high chance lose unless I’ve witness or video footage. My bike is cbr1000rr / Black plate number: FBL3341J

Do pm or contact me at 92365424 if you’ve any informations. Thank you, and please help me to share around.

Your kind gestures would be greatly appreciated