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Breadtalk apologises for video with rats in a bakery’s kitchen



In the city of Yogyakarta, Central Java, household brand Breadtalk was caught with two rats running around in its kitchen in one of its chain at a mall. Sounds of disgust could also be heard in the video which went rival after posting it online:



BreadTalk Indonesia apologised profusely to online criticisms on their food hygiene in the comments section of a recent Instagram post.

“The incident occurred at 11 pm when our store was closed and we can assure that there were no products on our display. We have followed this up by cleaning all the tools required to make bread, disinfecting them and storing all the ingredients safely and securely to sustain the quality of our products,” Breadtalkindo wrote.

“We hope that in the future our team can serve you better and that this kind of thing won’t happen again,” they added.

Surprisingly, many commenters supported the bakery by saying that the fault is not entirely theirs.

“Even if BreadTalk is sparkling clean as clean as the hearts and houses of [judgmental] netizens, if there are rats in the mall then it would be difficult to keep them under control,” said a user in the comments section.

Despite being doubted by many for being unsuitable for Muslims as they did not renew their Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) halal certification in 2015 (though they claim their products are halal), BreadTalk has remained one of the most popular bread chains in Indonesia.





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