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Boy get bruises and injury but child care centre says that’s normal!




bearrington child care bruise

My child has been enrolled to BEARRINGTON childcare since jan 2015. After enrolling him..Juz for 7mth my son has 2 occasions with other children biting him and 3 occasions with bruises. 1 occasion where my son has high fever. There is no news from the teacher informing or whatsoever. When I call the school, they only know how to push the responsibility.

1) on the 1st occasion of the hand bite they insist my son bite his own hand! Ps: my son does not have the habit of biting his own hand!

2) on the 2nd occasion of hand bite..the teacher saw a child snatching toys from my son n bite him! N they still can tell me there’s no marks n is common!!

3) my son has high fever in school and no teacher notice just because he is still lively n play around until my helper fetch him from son n realize. 2nd day my son was admitted to hospital for 5 days!

4) come back with bruises n again n I had to call the school n their explanation is falling down is very common!! Again very COMMON!! With a big bruise?! Really is that acceptable?

5) Their way of bathing children – didn’t even bother to dry their hair!

6) I was told to buy mattress cover for son for hygiene purpose to sleep on n we even use marker to write my son name on the cover. They always give my son’s mattress cover to other child n sleep n mix up n put other child mattress cover to my son bag! U call this hygiene?

6) parent teacher meeting was a last min decision n I didn’t actually get informed. N when I check my son sch bag there was a form to sign for records of parent teacher meet. I called the school again n they say just sign the form n return. I told them I was not informed of the parent teacher meet, no knowledge of my son progress n feedback y must I acknowledge n sign? Is this even right? Then the teacher say alright u come down during lunch n we meet. The teacher still can comment that she is taking her lunch time off to meet me n her lunch should be 1hr! When I reached, they told me the printer was not ready n not able to print my son’s work for me to see? Didn’t they prepare during the parent teacher meeting day that I had missed?

Feedback has done n was useless! Principle or their so call boss always not in school! Ask the principle to call back n always say they forgot!!

And they just deduct a whole lump some from CDA without informing that subsidy wasn’t approved!

This school is seriously lack of system n responsibly!

bearrington child care

Source: Licia



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