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BMW driver at heart of Caltex petrol story finally breaks his silence: Considers legal action



The driver at the center of the viral $10 Caltex petrol story has finally broken his silence.

Photo Credit: Willie Kok

If you haven’t heard the story, a BMW driver went to a Caltex petrol station and was given a full tank of petrol. He later claimed at the cashier that he had only asked for $10 worth of petrol and made the elderly petrol attendant foot the bill for his $125 tank of petrol.

After days spent dealing with the fallout of the viral Facebook post as well as with netizens who have uncovered and posted a lot of his personal information, the driver finally speaks out.

Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) reported on 16 April that the BMW driver has lodged a police report because he fears for the safety of his young son.

SMDN had produced an article detailing an account of one of its writer’s who had go down to the BMW driver’s house. His address was uncovered by enraged netizens.

When the reporter first approached the house, they were told that no one by the driver’s name was home. However, neighbours and residents in the area reported that he did actually live there.

When the reporter returned to the driver’s home, they found police officers outside the door. Apparently, the family got scared, thinking the reporter was out to seek justice after reading the viral post.

However, the reporter still managed to get an interview with him.

The driver of the BMW claimed that he was trading his car in to a dealership in Jurong.  The $10 petrol was a simple amount to tide him over the journey from Tampines to Jurong.

The driver reported that he had asked for $10 worth of petrol and was shocked when the bill came at the cashier. He apparently asked if the extra petrol could be taken out.

The petrol attendant was called over and but he was adamant in his belief that the driver had indeed asked for a full tank and not for only $10 worth.

The exchange ended with the petrol attendant walking off in a huff and claiming that he would bear the cost of the extra petrol.

However, colleagues of the petrol attendant have come forth to say that during the last last 10 years, he had been nothing short of kind and gentle and that what the driver said was not possible.

They also claimed that the station was typically quite crowded and noisy and that miscommunication was very likely.

The BMW driver is now considering legal action. He claims that the post the woman put up on Facebook was defamatory and that as a man in sales, his business and reputation have taken a hit.

Currently, images revealing the driver’s mobile number and attempts to harass him have been circulating.

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