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Beware of unethical seller passing off counterfeit baby carrier as authentic



counterfeit ergobaby seller

Lesson learn : do not 贪小便宜 (never sting on petty sum)

Bought a baby carrier from a seller in Facebook and she claim it’s authentic. Made payment including courier fee . When open realised item do not tally with the box and manual in japan seen. Question the seller, was told she has no time to explain as she only earn a few bucks.

Feeling uneasy , I emailed the original manufacturer in US , was told it’s counterfeit . Seller told me she can refund my money and to contact her end of the month for the refund as she is away. Whatsapp her yesterday realised she block me. I know I am not able to get the money back it’s fine but I want her to know that the item is fake and it’s dangerous to sell as this is for baby use.

I decided to report to police but as expected by Justin Mak police can’t do much . Seller call me last night because police had ask her to resolve this . Instead of being apologetic she was screaming like a mad woman and insulting me . Photos are below with her name and other information .

Click for bigger photo.

11960124_10204984844646393_4849574891479374739_n 11953186_10204984844886399_20005210605252905_n

Please beware and do inform your friends do not purchase item from her.

Source: Marilyn Tan

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