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Be extra careful when you let your kids play with strangers




Dear parents (BEWARE DANGER),
This is at 418 yishun.
News have been spreading around yishun that there is a dangerous man that parents should keep their young children away from.

He had sexually abused his girlfriend’s daughter by inserting his finger into the little girl’s vigina who is below 10 yrs old. Causing the little girl to bleed and cried when she goes to school. The teacher brought her to hospital and the truth came to light and police had brought him for investigation and the case is still open now so he is not yet being charged and arrested.

It was also known around that when he had sex with his girfriend he would ask the little girl to stand and watch. The mother of the girls also said that the man would ask the little girl to suck his penis.
The mother of the girl is suspected to be not having a good brain as now she is still helping the man at the store while girl is now taken care by welfare organisation.

Please beware of this guy and prevent your little one to fall into prey of this pedophile. He is known for looking at little girls with lecherous intent. He had tried to teach one of the auntie i know to caress her grand daughter chest to have big breast in future. He was being scolded n ignored for good. People around are pointing finger at him and he is currently challenging everyone in a very hostile manner. Violent as well.
Please please becareful..



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