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Be caution of objects that could be lying around in playground that can possibly hurt our little ones



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This morning I went to the park. Before letting the girls out, I went to wipe down the slides with a towel. I found this on the slide, a tack purposely stuck in exactly the right place to stab a child sliding.

I called the authorities and 2 supervisors out there IMMEDIATELY checking all the equipment and asking me to email them these photos (I had already removed the tack) so they could document it.

There was nothing else dangerous placed in the park, and we were able to safely play for hours. I just want to share, because checking the park before the girls play is something I have NEVER done, but will ALWAYS do in the future. SCARY!!!

Also, if you see something like this, please report it. If it is happening frequently, we will hopefully encourage more supervision at parks if we report it!

Source: Kara



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