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Bakery owner dies after being pulled inside a rotating mixer



An elderly bakery owner passed away on 25 June after he fell into dough-making machine while preparing red bean paste.

The owner, Mr Ng Sew Kuang, who runs Ng Kian Seng Confectionery in Bedok, was operating a industrial gas-heated cooking mixer in his bakery on Monday when he got caught by the machine and was pulled inside.

Photo Credit: The Straits Times

Upon smelling a strong burning smell, staff were alerted to the fact that something was not right and were horrified to find Mr Ng in the mixer.

Mr Ng’s daughter then rushed to the neighbouring store to get them to help her call for an ambulance.

The 73-year-old was later extricated and pronounced dead on the scene.

The shop, Ng Kian Seng Confectionery, is over than 70 years old. It was started by Mr Ng’s grandfather and is well-known in the area for their traditional desserts such as tau sar piah and wife cakes.

No one was around when the incident occured.

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