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Alien object found in Marigold 100% Juice. Be wary when buying consumable items packed in concealed packaging.




A user named Venus kam posted this on facebook and this is what she said

I use to buy Marigold products since I was a teenager, believe that I have support you more than 20 years. My 2 Kids (5 yo & 3yo) and I are the Marigold 100% Juice and Yogurts lovers. I use to opt Marigold 100% Juice as my 1st choice when we go grocery shopping because I believe Marigold use the nature and fresh sun-ripened fruits for juice making and this is good for our health. We always buy the juices for breakfast, party celebration, travelling and etc.

However, this morning I totally changed my perception and trusty to Marigold when I saw something in the juice pack…
I bought a pack of six Marigold 100% Juice Orange last few months. The expiry date is 2/8/2016.

Normally my kids and I use to drink it from the pack by inserting straw However, the straw for this has been lost and this was the last pack I had. That’s why I decided to cut the pack and pouring the juice into my cup this morning. And suddenly I felt there’s something inside and it’s stuck obviously couldn’t get thru that small cut opening I cut open the pack a bit more, and to my surprise I was wonderfully greeted by this delighted black piece of god-knows-what in the pack… I do not know will this happen in some other packs or not as most of the time we just drink directly.
It was so scary when I saw this as this happened to the product of Marigold, the brand that we trusted. I really feel very disappointed to Marigold…

I do not know it is harmful to our health or not. The most I care is about the health of my kids due to long time consuming.
So MARIGOLD, tell me what is going on here. I deserve an explanation. A GOOD EXPLANATION. Not some lame excuses or reasons.

Please PM me ASAP.

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