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Admins of a Facebook page shared their hatred towards stray cats and hope they all disappear



Suffy shared her ordeal when a Facebook page called Straits Vista @ Marsiling decided to post something disturbing on their wall.

Straits Vista @ Marsiling wrote “Anyone here dislike the stray cats and hope they all disappear from the neighborhood?”

Since they did not reply to Suffy via comments, Suffy decided to message them on Facbook messenger but after a few messages, they blocked Suffy from messaging them.


Other residents decided to comment as well but there was no response from the Facebook page admins.


TLS run a quick check and found that these are the Facebook administrator that managed the page.

This is what she wrote in her post:

Dear Straits Vista @ Marsiling,
This is to answer your question in your FB page and raise awareness of our comm cats here. I, as a resident, am appalled of such action.

There are no stray cats. Cats with tipped ears are community cats and they have been sterilised and microchipped by Cat Welfare Society and AVA. There are feeders too. And by AVA standards, community cats are allowed to roam if they have already been sterilised as they WILL NOT be a nuisance to public and DO NOT pose any danger.
However, since this post has already been made, we have made a screenshot to safeguard the cats. If there are any cats missing, we will lodge a report to AVA and Cat Welfare Society and use this post as evidence should there be any foul play towards the Comm cats.
AVA can contact town councils and pest control

Companies to see if they have been trapping cats here to ‘get rid’ of the cats or ‘relocate’ the cats.
In this day and age, Singapore as a society has evolved to become more compassionate towards animal causes and aware of animal welfare. There are platforms and proper channels to address animal-related issues instead of putting up such controversial posts to stir emotions, manipulate or get people riled up. Instigating is irresponsible and immature, more so coming from the admin of a residency.

They are NOT strays. They are community cats. They BELONG to the community.
In addition, I will use this and write in to relevant authorities as a precautionary measure and alert all feeders.



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