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A short chat with an elderly aunty when I visited the toilet just now discover something daunting




When you see the Uncle or Aunty manning the Public Toilets in Hawker Centers is not around, will you “tong” the 10 cents or 20 cents into the coin-box??

“Please Do”.

Do you know that the Uncle or Aunty that manages these toilets do not get any salary, they live on these 10 cents from your visit. These are the seniors who had been displaced by society and thru the CDC’s intervention, they are given the “self supporting” tasks of public toilets management.

Their role is “critical”. Imagine going to a dirty and smelly toilet after a gorgeous meal (definitely not something anyone wants).

For the 10 cents and 20 cents from you, these Uncles and Aunties will do the most undesirable tasks faithfully (they are aware of how important their role is).

If you do a simple mathematics, you will realise how little their income is. That’s not all (that is Gross Income). They had to buy the cleaning materials (such as soap, detergent, brooms, mops, etc) using these Gross Income collected. Now, how much is left as Nett Income?????

Toilet Rolls and Tissues are not supplied because if they do (Haiz; you know what will happen)…. they sell them instead.

This post is the result of my short chat with an elderly aunty (77 years old) when I visited the toilet just now. When I paid her the 10 cents, she squinted her eyes to look at the coin and when I asked “Why Aunty? What’s wrong???” She lamented that “Nowadays, I collected a lot of Malaysian 10 cents!!!”
Slapforehead x 9999999999999999
Come On La… We are Singaporeans!!!
(My Learned Friends, I rest my case.)

Source: Tee Tony

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