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A fully abled bodied, well functioning man sitting and refused to give seat to a struggling woman with baby!




A fully abled bodied, well functioning man sitting on the reserved seat was kindly & politely asked by me if he may offer the seat to a woman struggling with a baby boy strapped to her chest.
‘Its my choice and I am NOT giving up my seat to her’ he replied me in actual words.

‘But you do understand the seat you’re on is for the needy ones’, I explained.
‘So what, its my choice & I’m tired after work’, he replied nonchalantly.
‘Then I am embarrassed to be standing in front of you.’ I said.
‘You shouldn’t be, cos I am not even embarrassed of myself!’

Dead silence in the cabin and everyone’s disgusted stare was upon him.

I never once slammed anyone in public before but today, I really mean it when I tell you that you need to lose your weight and your tiredness is a result of your obesity, not an EXCUSE FOR REFUSING TO GIVE UP YOUR SEAT TO THE MOTHER & CHILD!!

Source: Celine Chia

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