7 years old boy nearly drowned in a swimming complex, causing him to suffer from Anoxic Brain injury. They need your help to get treatment!


Hi all .. My name is Abdul Halim Bin Abdul Aziz and I’m asking for help in prayer and financially.

My son Syahriz Matin Bin Abdul Halim was 7 years old suffer from Anoxic Brain Injury . He was found nearly drowned in a swimming complex on 11/10/15 and was admitted to hospital KKH Neuro Intensive Rehabilitation division until now.

My intention is to send my children to the US for further examination or surgery and because of that , I need funds and donation. Please anyone who are willing to lent a helping hand, you can transfer to UOB Savings Account 1461040220. It is intolerable feelings I look at the situation of children who were formerly so cheerful but now does not know anyone.

I ask for everyone to pray for my child . For those who can help , I preceded gratitude . If anyone wants more clarification , please contact me 91829189

Source: Halim Aziz