6 crazy jobs in Singapore that have the worst working hours!


There are jobs that pay you for doing next to nothing and occupations that have you travelling around the island, you won’t even realise it’s the end of the week when you’re done. On the flipside, there are some jobs that only elicit complaints from people because of the working hours attached to them, never mind the pay. Here are some with the worst working hours in Singapore.


You may think that teachers only work from 7.30am (when school starts) to about 4pm (when school ends, latest). That’s a standard 9-hour long work day but a teacher’s day doesn’t end there. CCA supervision, lesson plans, meetings and marking homeworkare some of the many duties that they have to be responsible for and this eats into their free time. You might want to think twice when you decide to complain about how much homework you have for the day.

Newsroom reporter

Running around Singapore, interviewing people, snapping pictures, researching online and taking notes. All that just for one story that may not even appear in the next day’s newspaper and may even end up with your head getting chewed off by your editor. Being a reporter also means that you may be called to cover a breaking news story when it’s 4am on Saturday. Talk about bad luck.


Butchers have a bad reputation of having a permanent scowl on their face and it’s easy to see why. 9-hour long work days for 6 days a week with only a short break in the morning and afternoon would leave anyone feeling irritated and moody. If that wasn’t bad enough, butchers are constantly on their feet dissecting carcass after carcass. An athlete’s training regime seems tame compared to what they have to endure, day in, day out.

Film crew

This applies to most members of a film crew, from the intern running around grabbing coffee and snacks for the producers and directors to the actors themselves. A shoot can be as short as an hour to as long a whole day and that applies to a few days for a short promotional video or a full year for a blockbuster film. A film crew would probably be the closest thing to zombies.

Trainee chef

Work doesn’t only start when the restaurant opens for service, as prep work for the ingredients are required to be done way beforehand. No, you don’t get to leave immediately after the restaurant closes either. To add to the long hours, having pots and pans being flung at you when you make mistakes is not uncommon. All that work just so you could be the next Wolfgang Puck or Gordon Ramsay.


The day starts at 7.30am and doesn’t stop till about 12 hours later, not to mention that you have to continue delivering mail even when it’s raining. You may even have to deal with residents grumbling that their mail is late even though it may be out of your control. Imagine complaints being multiplied by the 1,000-2,000 homes that letters are being sent to, it’ll drive anyone crazy.

Bonus: Your job

Because who don’t think they’re overworked and underpaid?