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48 years ago, my chinese parent gave me away to a malay couple. Now, I’m looking for my biological family. Please help me!




I am looking for my biological family. 48 years ago, my Chinese parent gave me away to a Malay couple. They raised me well and loved me as their only child. I was given the name Mohamad Fahmi Bin Ahmad Rais (Fahmi Rais). They passed away more than 20 years ago.

It was only on 14 November 2015 that I discovered that I was adopted. I would like to trace back and put a closure to where I came from. I may have brother/s and/or sister/s.

Please help me to make this page viral and PM me should there be any leads. In my birth certificate it was stated that I was born on 23 December 1967 at Kandang Kerbau Hospital around 6am. I believe my biological family is still out there.

Please help make this viral and share as much as possible. I hope some day, I can reunite with my family. Thank you


I have been asked to put up the names of my late parents who adopted me.

Father: Ahmad Mohamad Rais (passed away 1987)
Mother: Misiah Bte Amsah (passed away 1994)

From birth to aged 7, we stay at Blk 17 Merpati Road (near Circuit Rd).

My birth certificate in my hand is a reissue certificate. It was reissue after the adoption process.

Again, I thank all the kind souls who have helped make this page go viral and share my posts. I too, would have done the same.

Source: Roots Seeker

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