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4 Truths of Being in an Interracial Relationship with a Muslim Boyfriend.



interracial relationship

Its never easy to date someone of a different religious background.

The fault does not lie in whatever religion they are in. Disclaimer here! It’s just the differences and acceptance that makes it difficult.

For me, its dating my Muslim boyfriend. Its not easy for the non-muslim party, but it’s also not easy for the muslim whom you’re in a relationship with. 

Even till now, Chinese families in Singapore aren’t that open at all with their children dating one. Funny thing is, if they are not related to you (like they’re a friend of your parents); they will kindly say love can’t be controlled. But when it happens to their own, they would think otherwise and even go to the extreme.

Luckily for me, it was slightly easier. My parents have come to accept my relationship with him, to a certain extent. To the extent where they are not ok with me converting and wanting me to eat pork still, until I get married etc. Minor thing to us but a big deal to them. We have to respect that. They may have certain thinking but afterall they are our parents. They may have hurt you in certain ways due to this (saying mean stuff or rejection just blasted out like a canon ball) but always know that they react that way because they care and love us. Their blessings for us is important.  

  • Give them time. 

After letting Radi spend more time with my family, they start to accept it bit by bit. My mum would even say,

Don’t be bothered by what people say! What matters most is my daughter’s happiness.

It will happen! But you must respect your parents and respect the fact that they need time to accept it.

Disclaimer: I am not some guru to all these but I’m merely sharing the possibilities of what others might feel and hope that this comes in handy.

  • No relationship is easy. But the more you work on it, the more you will find that’s how your love for one another matures. 

If you give up just like that, then it also speaks that maybe that is not your other half whom you find worthy fighting with.

Of course I’m still going through on-going obstacles.

Recently my parents have been a constant “punching bag” for the both of us. People started looking down on them because of my relationship with Radi and of course, that hurts me deeply. Imagine them getting whiplashed and in front of you, they give you moral support to fight for who you love. This is something that has constantly come in between Radi and I. As I would always feel negative and affect Radi one way or another.

But don’t be discouraged. Things are gonna get even tougher. But like what we all know, if we hang on to what’s worth, we will taste the fruits of our hardship. So don’t be discouraged. Remember the love between the both of you.

  • Most importantly, the moral support that he or she is able to provide you. Because that’s your fuel. Your fuel to this whole relationship. 

So if we may ask kindly, the other partner who is a Muslim. Its never easy for you either having to constantly go through all this. But its never easy for them too because they are likely to receive the whiplash directly than you will. What he or she needs now, is your constant moral support. Just be there for them. All they probably need is just for you to listen to them and give a tight hug to affirm that everything is going to be alright that you will be there irregardless. For the non-muslim partner, don’t give up and continue fighting for it. For the both of you. Be completely honest with one another. Whenever you feel upset or going through a hard time. It’s moments like this, you need one another. Be of a support to him or her as well.

  • Key note: moral support is crucial. 

Hope this helps!


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