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3 hamsters was thrown down by a SICKO at Yishun




3 hamsters was thrown down by a SICKO at Blk 456 Yishun St 41! On 23 Sep’15, 7.30am my mom found 2 hamsters body at grd floor bleeding profusely! 20mins later my mom found 3rd hamster lying at the same spot, we could still feel the body temperature. Sadly none of the govt agencies can/ willing to do anything abt it as they said tis is the 1st case reported!?! (3 hamsters thrown down in 2 diff timing is not serious enough??)

I’m not sure if the SICKO is the owner or just grap any animal they see at the corridor!

**Pple staying ard tis area please keep ur pets indoor**

Hey human! If u are sick of ur pets at least have a heart to find them new owner not kill them or leave them to death!

Source: Tay Soosoo

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