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13 year old kid want to help his family financially so he offer his cleaning services online.




Saw someone posted this earlier. Initially I thought it was a scam. But upon reading closely, I don’t think so because the child asked for a meet up instead of transferring the money over. (He can’t possibly run with the money at woodlands interchange right?)

If it’s really a true ad by a 13 year old boy, I take my hats off to him for being wise at a tender age. As other 13 years old are playing with their friends, here is one child who is willing to work for the money, regardless if the intention is to help his parents or for his own spending.

Here’s what he said:

I’m a 13 year old muslim boy. I want to help my family financially. So I decided to do that by cleaning people houses in the month of December. Mostly in the Woodlands area. But other areas near Woodlands like Marsiling and Admiralty also can. But meet a interchange because I do not know where is your house. For houses in Woodlands, it depends where your house is. If near to mine there will be no charge.

1 room flat – $10+ travel fee
2 room flat – $15+ travel fee
3 room flat – $20+ travel fee
4 room flat – $20+ travel fee
5 room flat – $25+ travel fee

If have dogs I cannot.

Source: Dilah

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